Study of Viewpoints of Orthography on the Prefaces and Postscripts of Philology in Past Dynasties

  • zihui Xia 夏子惠 Beijing Normal University


With the help of The Preface and Postscript Collection of Philology, this thesis extracts and analyzes the viewpoints about orthography on the prefaces and postscripts of philology in past dynasties, combs the academic history of orthography, appraises their viewpoints of orthography, and points out their practical significance in today’s normalizing Chinese characters. Scholars in past dynasties have different viewpoints of orthography. Through card- ing and research, we believe that a scientific viewpoint of orthography should respect the objective law of the development of Chinese characters, and adhere to the orthographic stand- ards that conform to the structure of Chinese characters. We should take history as a mirror, absorb the scientific orthographic methods and experiences of successive scholars, adhere to the correct viewpoint of orthography and formulate effective methods of standardization of Chinese characters according to the actual situation of their usage.

Key words : Preface and postscript, Viewpoint of orthography, Standardization of Chinese characters



關鍵字 : 序跋, 正字觀, 漢字規範

Author Biography

zihui Xia 夏子惠, Beijing Normal University

I was born in China. I am now a doctoral student majoring in Chinese language and philolo gy in Beijing Normal University. My tutor is Professor Zhou Xiaowen.