The Distribution Test of Classical Chinese Function Words and Its Teaching Inspiration in High School

  • Liqun Liu 劉麗群
  • Siqi Lv 呂思琪


Function words are the key and difficult points in classical Chinese teaching. In this paper, the author takes the classical chinese materials from the standard experimental textbook (compulsory) of senior high school printed by People's Education Press as the research object. A comprehensive statistics on and analysis of 18 key function words distributed and noted in the textbook during teaching and tests were taken. Based on the results, some practical suggestions on the teaching of classical Chinese function words are put forward in order to promote the scientific and systematic development of the teaching of classical Chinese functional words. 

Key words: Classical Chinese Teaching, Function words, Statistics and tests


虛詞是文言文教學的重點和難點。 本文以人教社 ≪普通高中課程標準實驗教科書(必修)≫中的文言選文為測查對象, 對當前高中文言文教學與考試中18個重點虛詞在教材中的知識點分佈及注釋落實情況進行全面的測查與分析, 並根據測查結果對文言文虛詞教學提出了建議, 以期推動文言文虛詞教學朝著科學化, 系統化的方向發展。

 關鍵字: 文言文教學, 虛詞, 測查

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Liqun Liu 劉麗群


Siqi Lv 呂思琪