Ancient and Modern Vietnamese Chinese Characters and It Future

  • Hoang Thi Thu Thuy university of social sciences and humanities


The influence of Chinese characters that have been used in Vietnam for more than two thousand years is being spread almost everywhere. In ancient times, the influence of Chinese characters on various aspects of Vietnam was not denied. In the past, Vietnamese named Chinese characters as 'the word of sages' and 'the principle of the word', and its status was highly respected. As the illiterate people saw a Chinese character on a small waste paper, they must be bent and took it, respectfully placed it on ‘the honorific achievements word paper '...Nowadays, in Vietnam's places such as famous historic and cultural sites, temples, and literatures all have Chinese characters, but 90% of Vietnamese do not understand and can't read their own characters. Vietnamese scholars sorrowfully believe that the ‘drinking water from the source’ has so far been “forgotten” and therefore jointly asked the Vietnamese government to revive Chinese characters.

Key words: Vietnamese characters, Vietnamese ancient and modern Chinese characters, Vietnamese revived Chinese characters, etc.